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Monday, 23 May 2016

20 plus waterfalls in Croatia that you must see

A couple of waterfalls in Paklenica National Park.

A lot more in KrKa National Park

And finally some more at Plitvice Lakes National Park

Do good Feel great

Friday, 20 May 2016

Perfect preparation for the tales of the Dalmatian coast

We were almost ready for our first trip to Croatia and the day before we were due to travel we decided to go on a bike ride. All went well for the first half an hour, but as we were riding along a small road my handlebars broke and I fell onto my face on the road. Luckily while I was still lying on the road, with my wife trying to get me into the recovery position, a car came the other way. It was a nice young Spanish couple who were good and helped me to get up and drove us to the medical centre in our village along with the remaining good bike. At the medical centre, they cleaned my face and told me that I would have to go to Malaga to get stitches in my lip. Went to hospital civil where they had a look and took some x-rays but said that they could not do it as I needed stitches inside and outside of my lip and would have to see a maxillofacial specialist and I had to go to the main hospital in Malaga, Carlos Haya. I eventually had 8 stitches outside and 3 inside my mouth.

Friday, 1 January 2016

Nightmare adventure to Morocco in our Motorhome

Tuesday 10th April
Motorhome packed Scoobie at Peer's Palace so we started on our journey to Morocco. First destination Algeciras to get the ferry. Went to the ticket office and they said that we could get on the ferry today at 6 pm instead of waiting for tomorrow to get the one that we had booked, so we did which gave us an extra day in Morocco.

Monday, 31 August 2015

Dryathlon 2015

We are doing the 2015 Dryathlon (not drinking for the whole of September) for Cancer Research UK. If you would like to join our team please let me know or if you would just like to make a donation to Cancer Research UK via our Justgiving page just follow this link

Sunday, 14 June 2015

The Italian Job

This year's holiday was a road trip in the motorhome to Rome visiting places in Spain, France & Italy on the way there and back. There was a lot of time spent driving so only made entries when we did something interesting.

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Flight home to Spain

21st March Friday
Had about 10 hours sleep so feeling ok at the moment. Malcolm brought us tea in bed. Getting ready for our final flight home this afternoon. On the flight to Malaga we had our first delay of the holiday as someone had allowed a person on the flight from standby and the seat was already occupied but it was only delayed by 15 minutes. Arrived safely at Malaga and we were picked up by a friend. It was great to see our dog Scoobie again after 5 weeks she had been spoiled by our friends and not sure if she was that happy to be returning to bootcamp(thats our house). It took us about 5 days to recover from jet lag but we had enjoyed a great holiday.

Flight back to UK

19th March Wednesday
Early wake up at 7:15 had breakfast to use up the remaining food that we had and waited for lift to airport, got to airport with plenty of time to check-in. Had coffee to use up some New Zealand dollars and sent some messages from phone. Just managed to read the magazine during the 1 hour 20 minute flight to Auckland. Picked up luggage and went for a 600 meter walk following the green line from Domestic to International terminal (good job it wasn't raining). Queuing to check-in for our flight to Sydney at 12:15 no rush as the flight is not due to leave until 14:10 no worries. We had a short wait in Auckland and we were going to have a coffee to use the last of the New Zealand cash. We had $3.70 left and Chris did a search of the airport to buy one but they were all more expensive. As we went to the boarding gate later to get on the flight we had to go upstairs and passed a Burger King where we could have got a coffee for $3.20. Flight to Sydney was fine we had a meal and they gave us an icecream the first of the holiday. We only had a short wait for out flight to London. We had a stopover for refueling at Dubai and during the flight we had 2 more meals, one included another icecream, tried to sleep and lost track of time of day. The stopover was short and we got back on the plane into the same seats. We settled down for our last flight of the day(s) a 7 hour flight to Heathrow. Arrived safely after having another 2 meals. Taxi driver arrived on time and we got to Chris's brother Malcolm without any problem. Went for a little walk and had lunch with Malcolm. Latter had dinner and some nice wine kindly provided by Malcolm the wine connoisseur before going to bed at 9pm as we were shattered.

Goodbye Tiny

18th March Tuesday
Left site at 10 am drove to North South Holiday Park were we are staying for our last night of our stay in New Zealand. Booked a lift to the airport at 8:30 am the next day to the airport to give us time to check in for our flight. Tried to check in on-line from the campsite but were not able to. Went to airport and asked a girl at check-in if everything was OK as we could not check-in on-line and she said that it would be no problem and we could checkin tomorrow as it was open until 9:50 not 8:50 as it said on the website. Went back to campsite had lunch and went for a little walk around a resovior to get some fresh air before being cooped up on a plane for days. Took Tiny back which they check over and found that all was OK and we had not damaged it. They drove us back to the campsite to our deluxe cabin on the campsite where we showered and watched a film and had a nice bottle of New Zealand wine.


17th March Monday
Sun was shinning again today so we drove into town parked up and did a tour of the sites in Christchurch center, but a lot has been demolished by the earthquake. We managed to see enough in about 3 hours. We walked round a route from the lonely planet guide then found a nice cafe on the river Avon where you could hire a punt down the river. We resisted the temptation and just had a coffee. We walked around some gardens which were beautiful and part of them went along the river where we passed a punt on which someone was playing a guitar and singing. We ended up at the new cathedral made of cardboard because the old one was badly damaged by the earthquake and it was really good. We went back to Tiny and found a campsite for the night at Spencer Beach Holiday Park as the name suggests it was close to the beach so we had a walk there and it was what is said on the tin a beach nothing else. We went back to Tiny and took food and phone to the kitchen to cook and charge respectively. After dinner we went back to Tiny to play cards. After the first game I remembered that I had left the mobile phone charging in the kitchen, so I sprinted over there and luckily it was still there phew it would have been a disaster had it been stolen as we had taken over 400 pictures of the holiday. Played a couple more games of cards then slept the last night in Tiny as we had to take her back the next day.

Travelling back to Christchuch

16th March Sunday
It was raining as forecast so had breakfast and started on our journey to Christchurch. On the way out of Lake Tekapo we visited a small church which was very pretty and the statue of a border collie which was in recognition of the work that the dogs do with the sheep in that area.

The road was mostly straight and dull with nothing for miles not even trees. Still raining stopped at Geraldine for a coffee and managed to get wifi so sent some messages home. Drove to Christchurch to South New Brighton to book into a cabin for the night but they were full so we went to another site called All Seasons Holiday Park where we managed to get an en suite cabin. Had lunch watched 2 films (still raining)had dinner and went to bed. Not a very exciting day.

Friday, 18 April 2014

Mount Cook

15th March Saturday
Walked the Hooker Trail from Tiny to Lake Hooker and back about 3 hours, it was a beautiful walk with views of Muellers glacier on the way up to the lake and there were small icebergs floating on the lake from Mount Cook, got some great photos. Had a coffee when we got back then started our journey to our next destination which was Lake Tekapo. Before we left we went into Mount Cook village and looked round the I-site which had some displays on climbers and historical information of the area. We continued our journey but stopped at a visitors center where we could have bought fresh salmon caught in lake Pukaki. We had just made lunch when a man parked beside us who lived in Nottingham but came from Oldham, his son lived in Christchurch. We drove to Lake Tekapo and booked on the campsite. We were not that impressed but there was only one campsite so that was it. We walked into the village to the I-site and checked the weather for the next day and it was rain all over the south island . We decided to travel to Christchurch the next day.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014


Ratbags & Innocent Bystander Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

12th March Wednesday
Left Kaka Point to begin our journey to Dunedin. On t he drive there we came round a bend in the road to find it full of sheep, a lady came over to us and asked if we would not mind waiting for a couple of minutes (turned out to be more like 20 minutes). She was the farmers wife and the sheep were theirs which they were moving from one field to another and using the road was the easiest way of doing it. She spent the time telling us about the farm and the surrounding countryside. They were moving 2000 ewes to be sheared . They could only use about half of the land they owned for grazing as the rest was covered by coastal rain forest. When we arrived in Dunedin we decided that we would have a treat and stay in a motel for the night and sleep in a proper bed. We picked Manor Motel from its description in our lonely planet guide and they only had a 2 bedroom unit so we had that at a cost of $130 which was a good price. The room was not ready until 2pm so we left Tiny in their car park and gave the owner some washing to do for us and went for a walk round the town. It was quite busy but it is the second biggest city in New Zealand's south island with around 120000 people. We walked into the center of the city and the area was called the Octagan. We walked round the museum and art gallery and the cathedral before calling in a bar called Ratbags & Innocent Bystanders that played 60's rock music which we enjoyed whilst drinking a glass of draft Speight's which was the local beer as it was brewed in the city. We also had a snack with our beer which was great. We would definitely recommend a visit on your next trip to Dunedin. There was also a Cadbury World just round the corner. We walked back to the motel passing the railway station which was a fantastic old building. We got back to the motel about 3:30 and had lunch and the owner brought our washing back. We could not get internet working (whats new) as the router was not strong enough. We drove to a beach where people were surfing (in wet suits) and walked along a track and spotted another lone penguin and had a look at the towns outdoor heated swimming pool which we decided to visit the next day. We went back to the room where we found 2 pieces of chocolate cake that the owner had left for us. We had dinner watched a film then retired to a big luxurious bed for the night.

Friday, 31 October 2008

Trekking in Nepal 2008

Thursday 9th October
Left home at 7:15 am with enough time to park the car in the free car park at the airport. Arrived Gatwick at 12 noon, took train to East Croydon where we were picked up and taken to Malcolm's (Chris's brother) house in Shirley. Stayed with them for a couple of days.

Saturday 11th October
Set off at 10am giving us plenty of time to travel on the underground to Heathrow Airport. We struggled a little with the super duper wheels we had bought to carry the trek bags on. Managed to get there with loads of time to spare. Changed planes at Doha with only about 15 minutes to spare.

Sunday 12th October
Arrived in Kathmandu about 9 am on Sunday morning. The KE rep was waiting for us at the airport. We ate loads of stuff on the flight so did not eat again until Sunday evening.
Got picked up from the airport in a mini bus and taken to hotel shanker.
Finally arrived at the hotel in Kathmandu

Chris noticed that the Thamel district of the city was still the same as her last visit 11 years ago. The pollution is really bad with traffic, bikes and animals on the roads, it is utter chaos!! Our hotel was great it was an old royal palace with lots of wood carvings and an ornate dining room. The bedrooms were average but good for Nepal. It had lovely grounds that were tranquil to say they were in a busy city. Had dinner in the hotel and met the rest of the trekking party. The hotel had an outdoor pool.

Monday 13th October
Had breakfast and went on a tour with the rest of the group to a Hindu temple - Pashupatinath and a Buddhist temple - Boudhanath then went to Mikes breakfast bar which was really good, it didn't just do breakfast it was set in a lovely courtyard with a pool and trees, had a lovely lunch.

Walked around the Thamel region, changed some money then went back to hotel. Later went to 3rd Eye restaurant which was very good and had an early night as we had to be up at 5:30 the next morning, we did not sleep very well.

Tuesday 14th October
Hotel alarm call got us up and we had breakfast. Had about 2 hour wait at airport for flight to Lukla (2860 metres).
Tarmac on runway luxury
Lukla from the airport
Started walking

The airport had improved since Chris was last there, it was no longer a field but a tarmac runway. Went into the lodge to the right of the airport repacked our stuff then had lunch before starting the walk to Phakding (2610 metres) . It was an easy walk with a lot of downhill. Camped over the river on the left hand side of the village. It was quite warm in the tent.

Wednesday 15th October
Following the Dudh Kosi valley where we had great views of Kusum Kanguru (6367 metres).

Had lunch at Monjo before crossing the river and making a long ascent to Namche Bazaar (3440 metres) the village had grown and the houses looked bigger than Chris's last visit.

Thursday 16th October
Acclimatization day in Namche. After breakfast had a walk up to the army camp above the village where we had good views up the Dudh Kosi valley and great views of Ama Dablam (6812 metres), Lhotse (8516 metres), Lhotse Shar (8383 metres), Nupse (7861 metres) and Everest (8848 metres).
Ama Dablam, Lhotse and Lhotse Shar
Namche Bazaar

Walked up towards a hotel near the airport at Shyangboche where we had lunch and then some free time to look around the shops and have a shower (200 rupees). Had dinner and went in a lodge near the campsite for a mint tea. Whilst we were there we used the internet and found that our flight from Coventry to Malaga had been cancelled, what joy.

Friday 17th October
Packed up gear, easy day in Namche we went into the Junto lodge for a mint tea some of the group went on a short walk through the village to have a look up the Theme valley, river Bhote Kosi. Had lunch, Cyril could not eat very much. We took an easy walk on a contour around hill to next camp Kangjuma.
View from Namche Bazaar
Couldn't see much of Ama Dablam as the clouds were down. Had a great view of Everest all along the walk, we could also see Tengboche monastery. Rest of the group took harder trail, we got back to Tent well before them. Cyril went for a lie down because he had had a bad stomach. Had to change tent because we had someone else's they were not very happy. Cyril just had potatoes, rice, boiled egg and veggy soup for dinner but he had to run out of the dinner tent to the toilet which was a hole in the ground with a tent around it. Went to bed about 8:30 Cyril had a disturbed night.

Saturday 18th October
Had a 6am wakeup call but Cyril was in no state to carry on so we decided to stay in the lodge near the campsite for a night. The rest of the group carried on to Dole. Cyril spent the rest of the day in bed recovering and took some tablets which seemed to do the trick. Met a Czech man while having dinner at the lodge and he had been up to Machermo (4465 metres) where he had a heart attack. He had Arrhythmia just like Cyril has and he had not slept for 3 nights before he had the attack. Had to be given oxygen and then had to come down to Kangjuma.

We had a house meeting and decided not to go any further as it seemed a bit risky. Caroline (the guide from KE) phoned us and we told her our plans to stay low and not catch them up. Our Sherpa Indra and porter Arjun stayed with us. We had dal bhat, rice and cheese omelette very plain but good for Cyril's stomach which seemed a lot better. Had a good sleep in nice beds much better than a tent.

Sunday 19th October  
Got up a 7 am had breakfast Caroline phoned at 7:30 to check what we were going to do. Started our walk at 8:30 up to Everest View Hotel brilliant views towards Everest. We all had tea at the hotel then walked via Khumjung to see Hilary school and monastery.
Ama Dablam again


Went up to Khunde (3840 metres) to see hospital, 50 dollars to see a doctor so didn't bother, walked back to Kyangjuma had noodle soup for lunch, played cards then had a strip wash in a bowl of luke warm water, luxury !!!!
Packed our bags ready for tomorrow then went to bed.

Monday 20th October
Got up at 6:30 had breakfast of porridge, apple and toast it was very good. Started walking at 8:30 walked down to Phunki Tenga over the river Dudh Kosi. After the river crossing we started the long climb up to Tengboche (3867 metres). Indra our Sherpa carried Cyril's pack for him and we took it very slowly having loads of rests and arrived at Tengboche at about noon Indra went to find a lodge.
Indra the Sherpa carrying Cyril's rucksack
Tengboche monastery 

It was OK only 200 rupees a night. We bought our men a cup of tea and then had a wash in a bowl of water again. Went to look at monastery, it was really great inside. Went back at 3 pm to hear the monks chanting, we could not meditate as our feet were too cold. Had dinner about 6:30 pm then played cards with Sherpa and porter. Had a visit from Ram another Sherpa with the KE group, he had walked all the way from Machhermo to tell us that Tom was coming down to Tengboche on Wednesday because he was suffering from altitude sickness. We arranged to meet him here on Wednesday. Didn't go to bed until 9pm late night !! Had a good nights sleep.

Tuesday 21st October
Ram had to get up early to go back to the group at Gokyo climbing nearly 1000 metres. Hope he made it ok. We had American breakfast scrambled eggs, potatoes, toast and coffee it not very good. Started walking at 7:30 am. Everyone in the lodge was up early. Went downhill first and then slowly uphill to Pangboche. Stopped for a drink of black tea then slowly on to Shomare for lunch. A steady climb and then a flat bit until another climb to Pheriche (4243 metres).

It was a little cold

This was our Everest as we were not going any higher. Indra found us a lodge which was a bit quieter than the one in Tengboche. We had dinner and played cards with Inra and Arjun. The dining room was quite warm with the stove going. Went to bed and it was freezing we had to use 2 sleeping bags and we wore our hats in bed all night. Woke up the next morning with ice on the inside of the window.

Wednesday 22nd October
Left Pheriche about 8 am and slowly walked down past Shomare and on to Pangboche we took the high route to see the monastery.

Had lunch in a quiet lodge, had potato soup. As we were passing through Devoche we met Tom and Arjun's father who had come down from Photse Tenga. Indra went on to Tengboche to see if we could get a room but he came back and said no so we stayed in a lodge in Devoche. It was good because it had a double bed. It was very cold until they lit the stove. We chatted to Tom who was going to try to catch the group at Lobuche by going up through Pheriche. We had dinner and played cards. Arjun and his father had to sleep somewhere else so they could not play cards with us. Went to bed about 9pm.

Thursday 23rd October
Left Devoche at 8am after having porridge for breakfast. Said goodbye to Tom and headed on a route down towards the river Imja Khola. The path was very steep and narrow down to a bridge over the river we didn't see anyone else until we started to climb up on the other side of the valley. We headed to Phortse (3800 metres) for lunch where we had noodle soup and boiled potatoes with cheese and butter, had to take the skins off the potatoes before eating them.
You too could be the owner of this guest house if you climb Everest 7 times
Monks performing while we had tea and biscuits

The lodge was owned by a sherpa who had climbed Everest 7 times, his name was Panuna. Went steeply downhill to the river Dudh Kosi and then uphill to Mong La. Stopped for tea and got good views back to where we had started the day. Walked downhill to Ama Dablam View lodge at Kyanjuma, it was very empty so had a choice of room. There was one at the end of the corridor that was being used as a Buddhist temple, it was decorated just like the monastery at Tengboche.  The monks who mostly came from Tibet do a ceremony in there about 5 or 6 times a year. The owner of the lodge Trica fed them with momo and chicken soup. We went in to join in and got a cup of tea and a biscuit it was a bit bizarre. They were playing musical instruments and chanting in between eating their food. Went down to dinner and met a Frenchman from Chamonix who was 70 years old and still a mountain guide, he was the only person drinking red wine!! Started talking to the owner of the lodge and he used to be a sherpa, his name was Ang Tasmi sherpa, he had climbed Everest twice, once with a team from USA and once with Canadians. Played cards again and Indra did not seem as happy as usual.

Friday 24th October
Got up packed and went down for breakfast at 7:30 am had toast, porridge and coffee. Arjun took our bags down the short route to Namche we went up to Khunjung and Khunde then over by the airport at Shyangboche and down the hill into Namche, an easy day today. There was the weekly market on today which had one area for food and one for clothes, there were loads of people about.

Namche Bazaar market

Booked into lodge for 200 rupees, where we got a small room but with a double bed. We had sherpa stew and boiled potatoes for lunch. Had a look around the market but only bought a toilet roll from one of the shops and priced up some trousers but decided that they would be cheaper in Kathmandu. Arjun had to sleep somewhere else with the other porters tonight. Hope he is ok!! Went down to dining room for dinner it was very cold. It took ages for our dinner to come maybe thats a good thing because at least you know it is being cooked there and then. The lady got us a really old electric fire and put it near our legs, it looked as if it was made about 1930. Anyway it did the trick and warmed us up a bit. Eventually the food came which was sherpa stew, rice and dal bhat. Went to bed early as it was too cold to stay up and had a good nights sleep in the double bed nice and cosy!!

Saturday 25th October
Woke up about 6 am and there were lots of people already at the market outside. Packed and had breakfast of cheese on toast, don't know what the cheese was made from maybe Yaks milk? Set off about 8 am walked up out of Namche up the valley of the river Bhote Kosi towards Thame, stopped there for a cup of tea and then walked further until we stopped for lunch at Sunshine View lodge and then carried on until we reach Thame at about 2:15 .

Stayed in Indra's cousins lodge did our usual washing, then read and had a rest. The stove was on in the dining room so we played cards in there. There was a group of French people and another group of Germans but none of them were very friendly so we didn't bother to speak to them.

Sunday 26th October
Got up and didn't have to pack our bags so had a leisurely breakfast. Only took one rucksack and Arjun carried it for us. Had a communication problem today told our men that we should walk up the valley to a village called Mingbo. We got to a point in the path and then we had to climb straight up the hill to the left. Cyril really struggled with his breathing in the altitude, so it was slow going. Managed to get to the top only to find the village old and deserted. On the way up we had to move to the side of the path as we met some Yaks carrying stuff from Tibet.
Move over I'm coming through 

We had planned to have lunch there so it was a bit of a problem until the boys told us to sit down and they produced two packets of biscuits for us to eat. We walked down through the deserted village and made a circular walk down a very steep drop back into the river valley. We were out for about 5 hours had lunch when we got back to the lodge. Had a rest on the afternoon then did the usual playing cards and having dinner.

Monday 27th October
Left about 8 am gave Arjun my black ski hat because it was cold and he did not have a hat. Walked back down the valley to Namche and had lunch, dal baht in Indra's cousins lodge. Tried the bank for some money could only change dollars. Went back to the hotel in Namche and managed to get 5000 rupees with our card had to pay 500 rupees commission. Got enough money now until we get back to Kathmandu. Carried on after lunch down to Monjo where we found a lodge to stay. Talked to am American woman who was a writer traveling on her own, she had come up from Jiri.  We also talked to some Australians who were on there way up to Everest Base Camp. Had a bucket shower which consisted of a bucket of warm water, it cost us 150 rupees but it was nice and we felt better. Chris has developed a cold today and she had a bad nights sleep waking up through the night.

Tuesday 28th October
Didn't set off until 8:45 after our usual toast and porridge for breakfast. Walked quite fast up and downhill to Phakding for lunch. Had homemade veggy soup had to wait a long time for our lads to eat their dal baht. Walked to Lukla, loads of people coming up got fed up saying hello so didn't bother in the end. Indra took us to his house in Lukla for a cup of tea. It was quite big he had a shop on the ground floor and what looked like a cafe upstairs but he said that he didn't do food. His wife and child were there and also 4 lads playing a game that looked like shove halfpenny. We didn't find out who they were it was all a bit strange. We found out that his other 3 children were down in the village somewhere living with their grandparents and going to school. We went to the Buddha Lodge near the airport but could not get a room so we tried the Himalaya Lodge and managed to get in there. We settled in and had a wash. Indra and Arjun went in the dining room for spaghetti and noodle dinner. We treated ourselves to a bottle of beer and some pringles 600 rupees wild or what!!
Played cards on our own, the room was filled with all nationalities mostly waiting for planes the next morning. Paper thin walls in the hotel room but we managed to get a good nights sleep.

Wednesday 29th October
Got up and had a nice breakfast and then packed our bags. Loads of people waiting for planes and then loads coming in from Kathmandu. There were some children dancing outside the hotel as it was a festival day. Indra turned up at 9am to take our bags to Buddha Lodge where we got a luxury room with twin beds and its own toilet.
Children dancing outside the lodge
Party time for the Sherpas and porters

Had a lovely shower and felt a lot better. Later in the day we met up with the rest of the original group of trekkers and that night had a party the all of the sherpas and porters which was really nice. Everyone put some cash into a kitty for them but because we had spent most of the time with Indra & Arjun we gave them extra and also gave them our Ice Axes and high altitude sleeping bags which they could sell.

Thursday 30th October
Got up and had breakfast and packed up ready for our flight back to Kathmandu, it was pot luck as to whether we would get on one or not as there were lots of people waiting and we were not sure who determined who got on which plane.
What are those people doing on the runway? Waiting for their flight
Looked inviting at the hotel in Kathmandu so we had a dip

We eventually got on a plane but by this time we had been waiting outside the lodge on the airport runway and lunchtime came and we were served lunch on the runway. We flew safely back to Kathmandu and were taken to The Shanker Hotel were we spent the rest of the day round the pool, had a little swim and later had a nice meal in the hotel.

Friday 31st October & Saturday 1st November
Got up and had breakfast and were taken to the airport where we got on the plane and flew back to London without any problems. Spent some time in England with our families before returning back to our home in Spain having had a wonderful holiday.