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Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Escape from the pine forest Nerja, Andalucia

Thought we would escape from the pollen falling from the pine trees that surround our house as it was affecting my breathing. Got up early to finish loading the motorhome, which we did and set off on our way to the coast, just had to top up with petrol. That's when things started to go wrong!!! I drove to the garage ok turned off the engine then it would not start again. Luckily we were taking the motorhome and the car to the coast so I could drive to our mechanics to get him to have a look at it. When I told him what was happening he said straight away that it was the battery so he drove me back in his van and sure enough the battery needed replacing. After jumping it from his battery we drove back to the garage where he replaced it. All sorted NOT while he was fitting the battery we opened one of the doors and it would not close, the door thingy was broken so he took it off and ordered a new one, but we could continue on our holiday without it. We finally got on our way.
Managed to get to the camping almanat without any other traumas, then went for a walk along the beach for a beer. In the evening, we walked into town to our favourite restaurant Las Perlas and had a lovely meal.

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Attacked by Vicious Dogs

Today I was on a nice little walk in the countryside with the Deeming's and some of their friends. I went off on my own following the scent of some rabbits. I got carried away as usual and found myself in an enclosure with some vicious big dogs, by the time that I realized that I was in trouble it was too late and they bit me on my back legs. I managed to escape and hobbled back to the car, and lay down waiting for everyone to come back. They eventually did and saw all the blood on my legs and took me straight to the vets, who did some nasty things to me to stop the bleeding and also injected me with something. I am Okay now in my sick bed so don't worry, I may just stay on my lead from now on as that was a little scary.

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Costa Del Sol as you have never seen before

Did a lovely walk on Wednesday. Great weather and company. 

After the walk, we drove down to the coast for a few day's holiday in the motorhome. Settled in at the campsite and got a nice picture of the sunset.

Today we walked from Maro up to Cortijo Almachar via Arroyo Sanguino.

Walked slowly taking in the views, and it took us over 4 hours during which time Scoobie disappeared, what's new. After the walk, we went for coffee and a little snack then drove back along some of the walk and who should walk around the corner but Scoobie, so she just jumped on the car and went back to the campsite. Went out for a meal in the evening and found that a lot of the restaurants that we go to were closed for holidays, but we found one in the end and had a nice meal.

The next day was very windy so we decided not to go far, in the afternoon, we went for a little walk along the beach a dry riverbed and into the village of Almayate.

The next day we were doing El Cielo, we drove to Nerja caves and along a track towards the recreation area Pinarillo. Just before that, we forked off onto another track to the right. This track was not very easy to drive up, good job we have a 4x4, we carried on along the track past a building that the locals call the garage, because it looks like a garage, up to Cortijo Civila where we parked and started the walk.

Looking down on Nerja

All went well for the first hour then we noticed that the cloud had come down covering the summit so we decided to take a track off to the right across to another ridge and keep below the cloud and save the summit for a clear day. When we got to the ridge we had fantastic views.

Then we had a snack and retraced our steps back to the car. We had Scoobie on the lead all day as there are Cabra Montes (mountain goats) on the hills. It was a good decision as we came across 3 young goats and Scoobie went crazy trying to get off the lead and chase them.

On the final day, we wanted to do an easy walk so we walked along the beach into Torre del Mar and along the promenade to Caleta de Velez, 6 kilometres, had coffee and a snack then walked back to the campsite.

Monday, 4 January 2016

Birthday trip to Sierra Nevada

Just spent a nice couple of days walking in the Sierra Nevada to celebrate Christine's birthday. The weather wasn't too good with low cloud and rain on both days, can't complain though as the farmers are desperate for rain, as we have not had any for months. The first day we drove to our rented apartment in Cumbres Verdes and checked in before going on a little walk from the apartment through a forest and along tracks towards Boca de Perca. After about 20 minutes Scoobie disappeared but the other dog that we are looking after (Max) stayed close by us. We kept putting on and taking off our waterproofs as it rained a few times. Before the start of the ascent to Boca del Perca we turned left on a track which took us along a ridge away from the mountain towards the main track down to Jardin Botanica.

When we joined the main track we turned left again back towards the apartment. We left the main track shortly afterwards onto a small path, which led to restaurant El Hervidero Casa Macarino for a coffee, by this time the track was very muddy because of the rain but we managed to get into the restaurant, which we usually sit outside to eat and drink but because of the wintery conditions the outside area was open to the elements and we had to go inside. We were ushered into a small bar (maybe because we were wet with very muddy boots and they didn't want us to go into the restaurant part which was crowded with people eating. There were no tables or chairs in this bar so we just stood by the bar to drink our coffee.

el hervidero casa macareno
Somewhere over the rainbow
Somewhere else over the rainbow

After leaving the bar, we made our way back to the apartment and by this time after a 3 and a half hour walk, it had stopped raining, still no sign of Scoobie. Before we got ready we went for a drive along the track to see if there was any sign of her, but we could not see her anywhere. There were 4 of us staying in the apartment so we took it in turns to get ready to go out for a meal for the birthday girl. When we were all ready we had a toast of champagne. We had to drive into the nearby village of La Zubia as the restaurants in Cumbres Verdes all closed at 7 pm. We had been to a nice restaurant before on one of our trips to the Sierra Nevada, so we went back to there again, but, this time, the food was not as good and we had to wait a long time. We finally finished the meal and went back to the apartment to consume another bottle of champagne before retiring for the night. Still no sign of Scoobie so her new years resolution of not running off has been blown completely as she has done it twice already and it is only 3rd January.
The next morning we went out to check if Scoobie had come back during the night and sure enough there she was underneath one of our cars, she was wet through, so we towelled her down and gave her some food and she seemed OK. We left the 2 dogs in our room and went down for breakfast of croissants, toast, fruit juice and as much coffee as we wanted, which was very nice. After breakfast, we checked out of the apartment and went for a walk (Scoobie didn't want to go, I wonder why?). Today was forecasted to be a better day weatherwise but it rained on and off again. We just did another walk along a good track as the cloud was still low over the mountain tops. The track went past the Puente de los Siete Ojos (seven eyed bridge).

Puente de los Siete Ojos (seven eyed bridge)

We still managed to be out walking for 3 hours. When we got back to our cars we said goodbye to our friends and drove home after a couple of nice but damp days.

Saturday, 2 January 2016

Failed on my New Years resolution on the first day


Happy New Year everyone. My New Years resolution was not to run off on walks. I have been on a walk today with my boyfriend Max and the Deeming's. It all started off nicely after leaving the car for the first 15 minutes. Then I picked up the scent of rabbits and could not resist it. So off  I went   chasing them and lost all sense of time and reality. The others carried on walking and about 2 and a half hours later I heard them whistling me, by which time I was getting very tired so I went back to join them. After having a chat with Max I found out that he had had a great time whilst I was away, he had been chasing cars by the side of the motorway (he could not get them as there was a fence between him and the cars) why? Also, the Deeming's had stopped for their usual coffee and toast and they had given him MY toast. When I went back to them they put me on the lead until we got back to the car so that I would not run off again.

Lovely day for chasing rabbits

Monday, 7 December 2015

Walking at the coast

Day 1
For the first days walk we decided to do one from Charles Davis's book 'Costa del Sol Walks'. We chose a walk from Totalan  up to the top of Cerro de las Herrerias and back to Totalan. It was graded as easy and to take 2 hours 10 minutes, well I don't think it was that easy with the first 1 hour 50 minutes uphill then a nice ridge walk but then the path ran out and we were faced with a steep descent back to the track. All of which meant that it took us 3 hours. Nice walk apart from the last part would hate to think what his hard walks are like??

When we got back to the campsite had a swim and played scrabble before going for a lovely meal at Gastrobar las Perlas.

Day 2
Dogs waiting patiently to start the walk

Did a nice easy walk today from fabrica de la luz just outside Canillas de Albaida.We followed a path beside the Arroyo de la Cueva de Melero which crossed over the river a few times before passing Cortijo Chato with a great view of Cueva de Melero. We turned right to go round the back of the Cortijo following a good track where we eventually ended up at another cortijo which is called Buena Vista where we had fabulous views hence the name.
One of the river crossings
Cueva de Melero

View from Cortijo Buena Vista

Start of the path back to the car

Then we backtracked for about 5 minutes to find two cairns marking a track back down to the start which would take about 30 minutes during this time Scoobie disappeared. No sign of her when we got back to the car. We hung around for about 20 minutes and nothing so we went back onto Canillas de Albaida  where we had a coffee and a bite to eat then went back to where we had parked the car and there was still no sign of Scoobie.  We started walking back up the hill again after about twenty minutes we decided to turn round and try again the next day and guess what Scoobie turned up. So we ended up doing an extra 40 minutes walking. The road back to the campsite had a lot of bends so we could not drive very fast but we didn't expect to be overtaken by a cyclist which we were and he soon disappeared into the distance.

Day 3

Had the beach to ourselves

Seagulls sunbathing in Caleta de Velez

We had a rest day today. Walked from the campsite down the beach into Torre del Mar all the way along the promenade to Caleta de Velez had coffee and toast at Meson El Bodegon and then walked back to the campsite. Three and a half hours not bad for a rest day.

Friday, 18 September 2015

Scoobie's Adventures

Hi friends sorry I have not been on touch for ages but I have been really good and not stayed out all night since the episode at the dam. 
Having fun on a French beach
I am not going in the sea!
One man and his dog in Lucca, Tuscany 
Good job I was on the lead!

I have had a busy year though and been up through France into Italy in the motorhome I spent a lot of the time travelling but enjoyed the countryside in Tuscany and did some nice walks. After the visit to Rome we decided to get the ferry back from Rome to Barcelona which made a change from sleeping in the motorhome but I had to sleep in a cage which was a bit down market for me but I did get lots of walks round the deck of the ferry. 
Caged up on the ferry ahhh
Back in Spain in trouble at campsite for rolling in the dirt
OK I won't jump down into Rio Genil
It is a long way to the top of that mountain!
Another swimming lesson at Lake Iznajar

Just because I found some nice mud no need to call me black leg!

This summer has been very hot with no water but I usually find some mud to walk in and the Deemings call me black legs. I have been to Torre del Mar a few times to walk in the mountains near Nerja which are very nice. I still run off when I pick up a scent but eventually return back to the Deemings, must be getting too old to party all night. Have just got back from a week at Torre del Mar and a week at Guejar Sierra walking every day and today walked for over 6 hours so I'm very tired  at the moment looking forward to having a rest tomorrow, back out again Friday though.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

A slight blip

I spent Sunday with my boyfriend Max and we went down to a local beach to hang out. Unfortunately I had a slight blip on my 'turning of the new leaf'. Yes you guessed it I did a runner, I could not help myself as there were some really nice rabbit smells. I could still see Max's owners so I just stayed up on the hills at the back of the beach until I heard them calling my name. I still ignored them until I saw them start to drive away in the car so I ran as fast as I could and they saw me and stopped and waited for me, lovely people as the beach was a long way from home and I didn't fancy walking it back.
Me at the beach Ops I had done a runner by then

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Turned over a new leaf?

Been out for a nice 2 hour walk today in Archidona. They let me off the lead so I was free to escape and chase the rabbits in the Arroyo Marin valley. I did a lot of running around but the Deeming's kept whistling for me to come back and I did and they gave me a biscuit every time which was great.

Me being good

For some reason I did this for the whole of the walk and near the finish I walked with them right up to the car and stood there waiting for them to open the door without running off which I think is first. Watch this space to see if I can keep up the good work?

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Lost at the dam

After spending the first hour yesterday with 2 new friends on a walk near the Dam in Iznajar I picked up the scent of rabbits and could not resist going off trying to find them. I was really enjoying myself and got totaly carried away and forgot to go back to my owners and their friends. By the time it started to get dark I thought I would go back to where they had parked their car but there were no longer any cars there, I did find a few bits of food that they had left for me, so I ate that and tried to find somewhere warm for the night. There was not much about so I just made myself a little bed under some bushes it was very cold and I wondered why I had not stayed with my owners and I would be in my nice warm basket in our house. Maybe one day I will not get carried away chasing rabbits and start being a normal dog like my 2 new friends. Dream on rabbit hunting is too much fun. Anyway after a freezing cold night my owners came back to the parking space where they had parked yesterday and I was very pleased to see them they gave me some food and water then took me home. When we got home they gave me some more food and water and I went to bed in my nice warm basket. I hope that you all didn't worry too much because I had gone missing again, don't worry it wont happen again, well it might.
See you all again soon

Friday, 25 April 2014

Adventure in Loja

We went for a walk from Los Abades near Loja with 2 of my friends Olly & Stan. We had a great time running around first through some woods then up a steep hill which had some really nice animal scents that I could run around sniffing. My friends were not too interested in that they just liked running around. We eventually arrived at a big cross and had a rest and some water and biscuits. When we got going again I found some really nice scents and followed them for ages and forgot about everything else after a couple of hours. I realized that my friends their owner Matty, Chris & Cyril had gone and I was getting tired. I remembered where they had parked the cars so I made my way back there but the cars had gone too!!!!! Don't panic I thought this has happened before so I just sat down and waited and sure enough after about and hour Chris & Cyril drove up in their car. I gave them a good bark to show how pleased I was to see them. They tried to give me some water but I had found plenty of puddles on route so I got in the car and went to sleep. I noticed the car was full of food so they had been to the supermarket. They had bought me a packet of dog biscuits so they knew I would be coming back from my wonderings. Another adventure over for the day.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Holiday time

Been on holiday to Aunty Barbara's and Uncle Graham's and my boyfriend Max while the Deeming's went on holiday to New Zealand, I dont know where that is but think it is not in Trabuco as I did not see them for 5 weeks. Had a wonderful time was spoiled rotten with lots of food and a bit of exercise, not many big route marches that I have to do with the Deeming's. Aunty Sharron was over here from England and she took me and Max on some nice walks, one was a nice visit to the 100 canons (water pipes). We also went down to the seaside to a place called Nerja where me and Max went in the sea, well paddled as the water was a bit cold, and we also played on the beach, me and Max that is. As I was having such a nice time I did not bother running off I will save that for when the Deeming's get back. I think they like coming back for me the next day after I have had a night out. I had my own bedroom it was really nice they let me sleep on a sofa bed, much better than my old blanket at home and Aunty Barbara came in every morning and tickled my tummy and gave me lots of treats. I think I might have put a bit of weight on during the holiday, hopefully the Deeming's wont notice but I am sure that they will be giving me one meal a day and be taking me on route marches again soon.