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Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Marvelous Malaga lit up for Christmas

 Drove to Malaga and got there about lunchtime found a parking space on the road near to our accommodation Villa Alicia Guest House, which was about one kilometre from the port.
After dropping off our stuff we wandered into the heart of the city.
The first place we went to was Plaza de la Merced where Picasso was sitting waiting for us and we had a lovely lunch at La Canadu.

Look who was waiting for us in Plaza de la Merced

From the Plaza, it is a short walk to the Alcazaba and Roman Amphitheatre and this area was crowded with people, we realised that it was national holidays on 6th & 8th December, so today being 7th lots of people took 3 days off to do Christmas shopping.

Roman Amphitheatre at night

Just next to the Alcazaba there is a large building which in the past have been covered in sheeting but this time we could see what it was, it was Malaga Museum and it was open so we went in and it was free admission, there were some great paintingsand archaeological artefacts on display and we really enjoyed the visit. The refurbishments to the old Palacio de la Aduana (customs palace) were finished in December 2016 and it is now Malaga Museum and is well worth a visit.

Courtyard inside Malaga Museum

We continued our wandering through the old section of the city with the other thousands of people eventually ending up at the huge Christmas tree at the top of Calle Larios.

Christmas tree at the top end of Larios in the daytime

Elf in Larios

Santa in Larios
Having a little rest

Never seen so many people in Calle Larios. At the bottom of Calle Larios we met Hans Christian Anderson who kindly let us have a photograph taken with him.

Eventually went back to the hotel for a rest before going out later for a great meal at Vegetariano El Calafate before taking in the wonderful Christmas lights.

Christmas tree at the top end of Larios at night
Calle Larios
Calle Larios

Before leaving Malaga the next day we walked to the CAC Museum, which is also free, where they have an exhibition of works by Leiro which consists of wooden sculptures, which we found fascinating and is on until 7th January 2018.

We also had a ride on Malaga Ferris Wheel or Noria Mirador Princess, this is a 70 metre-high observation wheel based at Malaga Port. When we arrived there was no queue and we went straight on and enjoyed the superb views over the Port and the whole of Malaga.

Malaga Port from the Ferris wheel
Malaga from Ferris wheel

We also called into the town hall to see the Nativity and we timed it right as there was nobody else there, we tried to go there yesterday and they were queuing outside.

On our way back to our car we came across some new street art.

Thursday, 2 November 2017

Chilling out in Granada

After dog sitting for 3 weeks and not drinking for almost a week, we decided to let our hair down in Granada for a couple of days.
Watch out Granada here we come.

View over the city  of Granada from our car park

We stayed in a different part of the city than usual at Gala Placida Suites 1923, see review here, which was a beautiful place but it was difficult to park nearby, so we ended up parking about 1 kilometre away.
After settling in we went for a little sightseeing tour. Just a few hundred meters from the hotel we joined a path along the Rio Genil which we followed and it is a beautiful setting and it is hard to believe that you are in a city. There is a green area between the river and Paseo de la Bomba we eventually came across an exhibition of photographs of beautiful things from around the world highlighting the beauty of the environment and what we are doing to help keep it that way.

Beautiful path alongside Rio Genil
Photo boards showing shots of the environment, well worth spending a few minutes reading them.


Nighttime, think we prefer the nighttime photo best, what do you think?

By the time we had finished  looking at these we were ready for lunch and having decided where to go we made our way along the streets and arrived at Bar Casa Julio, which was famous for its tapas, what we didn't know was that we would have to stand in the street outside to consume our beer and tapas. It was really good and very popular. Having stood up to have our lunch we thought that we deserved another beer and tapas at somewhere that we had been to many times, Bar Minotauro, which is not far from where we were, just off Plaza Nueva. It is well known for the display of notes on the walls from previous customers, but this time they were gone, maybe they had redecorated and were going to put them back?
From there we burned off some of the calories that we had just consumed by walking up the road to the Alhambra, the small street is full of Moroccan shops selling what Moroccan shops do best. We also passed a busker, see photo.

Not seen this before, wonder if he made any money?

Chess board anyone?

Entering the Alhambra through the Puerta del Vino we made our way through the crowds to the Palacio de Carlos V, which was never completed and looks very much like a bullring, which it wasn't. Inside this building there are two museums, we were visiting the Museo de Bellas Artes which is a fine arts museum containing a lot of 17th-century religious art, this all has free entry.

Puerta del Vino our entry into the Alhambra

Inside the Palacio de Carlos V
Stairway up to the upper floor

On leaving the Alhambra we walked across the road to visit the gardens of the Carmen de Los Martires, which we have visited before and has free entry, the gardens are beautiful and well worth a visit.

On the trip, we spotted some street art that we hadn't seen before.

Our little sightseeing trip lasted about four hours.
After a rest we decided to have our evening meal at a Vegan restaurant called Hicuri Art Vegan, so we had another little walk there and realised that we had stayed in another hotel very close to this place. We arrived just in time as soon afterwards it filled up quickly. The meals were good but for us were lacking something (cheese).

More street art on the way to the restaurant

After breakfast, we took a short stroll down the Rio Genil, in the opposite direction and had coffee at a riverside bar before returning home.

View of Rio Genel on our way to morning coffee.

We managed to catch a glimpse of the first snow on the top of Sierra Nevada on the way home.

Saturday, 30 September 2017

Scoobie and Max go on holiday

Max and I decided to go on holiday to Torre del Mar. As we are both under 10 years old we took some responsible adults with us (some may disagree with that).
We went for a lovely run along the beach and I would not go in the sea as usual Max wouldn't go in either because the waves were too big. After a little while, we came to an area of the beach which was just for us dogs. 

I enjoyed it and did some training, maybe going to Crufts next year. Max didn't seem interested in learning any new tricks, so he just stood around watching me, he didn't look bovvered to me. 

The rain in Spain falls mainly on us

The next day it was raining and we went for another walk this time in the rain which made a change from being in the hot sun. Later that night we had some treats, our carers had been out for a meal with friends and they brought back some ribs for us, yum yum, better than the usual dry dog food. 

We had a great holiday with plenty of exercise running along the beach and we even had some time for sunbathing. 

Manages a spot of sunbathing

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Cycling in Cabo de Gata

Uneventful trip to Cabo de Gata apart from the wardrobe door falling off in my hand. We stayed at Camping Cabo de Gata where we had not stayed before, it was okay but it was in the middle of nowhere next to plastic greenhouses. It is about 2 kilometres walk to the beach. Although the wi-fi was free it was only available near the reception and restaurant. Went for a bike ride along the coastal road and it was very windy but flat.

Nice pool at Camping Los Escullos but water toooo cold for us
Volcanos (extinct)

Moved to Camping Los Escullos which is near San Jose. The campsite is very nice and the wi-fi was really good, it was free and available all over the site. Cycled to San Jose which was not very far but it was very windy again so it was a difficult ride into the wind, but easy on the way back. Did a little walk to the nearby beach and had coffee in Hostal Casa Emilio which also do very nice food as we have sampled before. We had Pizza from the restaurant on the site that night which was very tasty. We tried out the nice pool but it was too cold for us.

The bike ride

Too much for the bikes!!

Not too close to the edge

The end is in site

The final descent
Made it now time for a coffee

The next day we did an easy bike ride NOT. The book said it was easy but tell that to our hybrid bikes who didn't like the track at all and refused to be ridden along parts of it. Maybe it would have been easier on full mountain bikes. We have walked this track many times but never realised how stoney the track is. Eventually made it to the end of the track near San Jose where we called into a very nice bar called Refugio where we enjoyed a well-earned coffee.

Lone sunbather

Adios Cabo de Gata

Drove to our last port of call on this holiday Las Negras to Camping La Caleta which is in a little bay just outside Las Negras. Perfect for walking along the coast towards the Bateria de San Ramon or walking back through the village along a track to the hippy encampment at San Pedro. The campsite was pretty quiet, even though there were a few couples with babies, the restaurant was not open as it was too early in the season. The wi-fi was good all over the site and was free. The pool was also nice but the water was too cold for us, although we did try it for 5 minutes.