Monday, 5 June 2017

Last Wednesday Walk before summer break 7th June

This Wednesday will be the last official walk before the summer break as it is getting too hot. Meet at the swimming pool in Villanueva del Trabuco at 9 am.  The walk will be along tracks and over olive groves and will take about 2.5 hours with a break half way round for refreshments. It is dog-friendly but they will need to be on leads for the final part of the walk through the village. Please let us know if you are coming.

Monday, 29 May 2017

Wednesday Walk 31st May around Villanueva del Trabuco

This Wednesday walk will be from Villanueva del Trabuco to Villanueva del Rosario and will take about 3 hours. This walk is undulating but not too difficult. The first part will be across olive groves involving a new section to Rosario and will take about 2 hours. In Rosario, we can get refreshments. Then the walk back to Trabuco will take an hour. 
So this walk we will meet at the swimming pool in VVa del Trabuco at 9 am, the walk is dog-friendly but they will need to be on a lead for the road sections.
It was a really nice walk and all the people and dogs enjoyed themselves. Some of the dogs went for a cooling dip in the river, not Scoobie of course, she only had a drink as she doesn't like water. 

Friday, 26 May 2017

Walking with Goats in Villanueva del Trabuco

Went for a little walk around Villanueva del Trabuco today and had some company. Not sure if they were as hot as we were. After a little while, we had some sheep following us too. Some of the poppies are still surviving but won't be there much longer.It is getting to the point where it is too hot to walk unless you go really early in the morning.

Who is leading this walk?
Maybe these sheep are?
Still some poppies about

More poppies

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Wednesday walk around Villanueva de Tapia 24th May

This week we are walking around Tapia. Meet at the swimming pool in Tapia at 10 am. The walk is on good tracks and should take about three hours and is dog-friendly they will have to be on leads for a short time along a quiet road. We will stop for refreshments half way round. The start is uphill as is the finish and the rest is just plain undulating.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Cycling in Cabo de Gata

Uneventful trip to Cabo de Gata apart from the wardrobe door falling off in my hand. We stayed at Camping Cabo de Gata where we had not stayed before, it was okay but it was in the middle of nowhere next to plastic greenhouses. It is about 2 kilometres walk to the beach. Although the wi-fi was free it was only available near the reception and restaurant. Went for a bike ride along the coastal road and it was very windy but flat.

Nice pool at Camping Los Escullos but water toooo cold for us
Volcanos (extinct)

Moved to Camping Los Escullos which is near San Jose. The campsite is very nice and the wi-fi was really good, it was free and available all over the site. Cycled to San Jose which was not very far but it was very windy again so it was a difficult ride into the wind, but easy on the way back. Did a little walk to the nearby beach and had coffee in Hostal Casa Emilio which also do very nice food as we have sampled before. We had Pizza from the restaurant on the site that night which was very tasty. We tried out the nice pool but it was too cold for us.

The bike ride

Too much for the bikes!!

Not too close to the edge

The end is in site

The final descent
Made it now time for a coffee

The next day we did an easy bike ride NOT. The book said it was easy but tell that to our hybrid bikes who didn't like the track at all and refused to be ridden along parts of it. Maybe it would have been easier on full mountain bikes. We have walked this track many times but never realised how stoney the track is. Eventually made it to the end of the track near San Jose where we called into a very nice bar called Refugio where we enjoyed a well-earned coffee.

Lone sunbather

Adios Cabo de Gata

Drove to our last port of call on this holiday Las Negras to Camping La Caleta which is in a little bay just outside Las Negras. Perfect for walking along the coast towards the Bateria de San Ramon or walking back through the village along a track to the hippy encampment at San Pedro. The campsite was pretty quiet, even though there were a few couples with babies, the restaurant was not open as it was too early in the season. The wi-fi was good all over the site and was free. The pool was also nice but the water was too cold for us, although we did try it for 5 minutes.